CallShop Billing

CallShop Billing 1.2

It is a complete switching and Billing solution for Callshop owners
1.2.480 (See all)

This is a Software Product that runs in a CallShop, where people step in make calls and pay the cashier on their way out.
CallShop Software is a User Friendly Windows based application that provides an Automated Solution for Callshop Management and the ability to utilize VoIP [Voice Over IP] by using On Premises VoIP Termination Gateways to make calls to Landline Phones, SIM Boxes to make calls to Cell Phones, and Multiple 3rd Party VoIP Terminators to make International Calls. All this with a Specialized LCR [Least Cost Routing] feature to make sure that each and every one of the calls is routed to the best option in order to save on call costs and maximize profit.

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